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Pilates Reformer

Learn everything you need to know about the reformer for a safe and effective workout with our Pilates Onboarding Series
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Align and Define Success Planning

Start your journey here! Schedule a 1:1 goal setting session with our coaching team. What to expect in your session:

  • Exclusive info on our offerings

  • Specialty Intro offers

  • Specialty membership customization to fit your goals

  • First Access to upcoming events and series

  • Try our equipment

  • Bonuses only available through our coaching team

  • Book your session today!

**Completely Risk free**


Pilates Reformer 1:1 Private Sessions
(3 Sessions)

Three 50 minute Private
Pilates Reformer Sessions
**One additional person welcome


Pilates Reformer Group Class drop-in

**All new students must attend Onboarding Reformer Series before joining group specialty classes. Ask our team about membership options.


Flexibile membership rates available. Schedule your free Align and Define session for more information.

Pilates Class Descriptions

Cardio Sculpt: Elevate your heart rate and sculpt your body in this dynamic class that combines fast-paced Pilates movements on and off the reformer. Strengthen and tone while enjoying an invigorating cardio boost. Get ready to experience a new level of vitality!

Rest and Restore: Take a moment for yourself with our Rest and Restore class. This session focuses on deep stretching techniques performed on the reformer, allowing your body to release tension and find deep relaxation. Leave feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

Pilates Precision: Perfect for beginners or those looking to refine their practice, Pilates Precision emphasizes slow, controlled movements to master the fundamentals. Focus on form and alignment to build a strong foundation for your Pilates practice.

Pilates Small Group: Join our small group class setting where we dive into Pilates sequences. This class is perfect for those seeking personalized attention in a supportive group environment with a strong emphasis on form and precision. We switch up sequences frequently to keep your practice engaging and effective.

Pilates Reformer Schedule


Want more info on Reformer Pilates and membership options? Message us here to schedule your Align and Define 1:1 consultation!

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